3 Reasons Posters are STILL a Great Way to Spread the Word

Posters have been around for quite a while, in one form or another. While many things have moved to digital in the 21st century, posters are still—well, posters. So why haven’t they made the great leap to becoming digitalized? It’s simple: postersare still AMAZING ways to spread the word about events, sales, news, anything! They do a wonderful job on their own, and why take a good thing and change it?


The power of posters to grab attention and increase event attendance is indisputable.

Of course, the best posters are designed digitally, but still printed by a printing service to be distributed the classic way. Posters do just as good of a job getting the word out today as they did when they first were massed produced in the mid-19th century.

Take a look at the main reasons posters are a printing service treasure that aren’t going out of style any time soon.


Compared to banner or other forms of advertising via the internet, posters are extremely low cost. You can hire a printing service and other individuals to write, design, print, and distribute your posters for less than you generally pay advertising online.

Location & Visibility

If you’re trying to target a specific area of audience, distributing posters to that area is seen by more of your target audience than it is online. Your online advertisement may reach more people overall, but if those people are a 14 hour drive away from your event, it’s not going to boost attendance.


People who view posters are already looking for something to observe. They may be waiting in line for something, or viewing your poster among others to get information on upcoming sales and events. If you’re advertising on line, most people aren’t browsing the internet just to see advertisements—in fact, many people actively try to avoid them. You get much more response out of posters for events and sales than online banners.

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