What is Thermography?

Thermography is a popular printing process used to give a raised, three-dimensional appearance to printed letters on paper surface. The process has many applications and is often used it letterheads, wedding invitations, and business cards among other things. Thermography is a popular alternative to engraving, as it produces similar results in less time and at a more reasonable price.

The process of thermography involves three steps. The first step is choosing the type of powder to use for the print. Powders come in fine, medium, or coarse varieties, of which medium and coarse are used most often. Fine powders are useful for more delicate printing. The powder has a plastic base which allows it to melt in the last step of the process. The second step involves applying the powder to the print and removing any excess powder. Finally, the printed material is heated in an oven-based machine to temperatures between 900 to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating takes only two or three seconds, after which the printed material is complete.

Here at Time Printers, we offer thermographic printing to suit any of your needs. Invitations and business cards are a common request, but we can print just about anything you may need using thermography.


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