Why Does Newspaper Ink Come Off?

A weekend morning with a coffee and the newspaper is one of life’s little pleasures. There’s only one downside. Without fail, your fingertips are always covered with smudged newspaper ink. “This is a deficiency in quality that has gone on for far too long!” you might think to yourself. “This never happens with my printed materials from Time Printers!” How is it that generations of newspaper readers have had and continue to have their fingers smudged with ink and the newspaper industry has done nothing to correct this slight but consistent inconvenience?

The answer has to do with the speed at which newspapers are printed and distributed and the small amount of time this leaves for drying. Different inks dry using different processes. Inks with alcohol or petroleum based solvents dry by evaporation, which can be sped up by heating the paper. Newspapers are printed with mineral oil ink at thousands of feet per minute. There’s no time to heat the paper, and there’s little time for it to air dry before it’s shipped out to news stands. The ink is absorbed by the inner fibers of the paper and remains slightly damp because most of the paper is not exposed to the air to evaporate. Therefore, the ink from today’s paper will invariably rub off on your fingers.

At Time Printers, we’ll get your printed materials to you quickly, but we’ll make sure they’re completely dry first. No one wants smudged business cards or wedding invitations, which is why we maintain the quality of our work from the beginning to the end of the process. Contact Time Printers for all of your professional printing needs!

smudged ink

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