A Guide to Creating Your Next Product Catalog

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What should be enclosed in a professional-looking coupon brochure or product catalog?

One of the biggest shopping seasons of the year is about to hit us like an economic hurricane. That means there’s no time like the present to step up your marketing efforts. Direct mail remains a highly-effective tactic for driving up interest in what you have to offer. Another easy way to capture your customers’ attention is to design and print glossy product catalogs. What are they, and how do you get them in the hands of your target audience? Let’s talk about it! 

First of All, What Are They? 

These catalogs list product dimensions, prices, materials, and so much more. As a result, business-to-business and business-to-customer catalogs are common offerings. And even though eCommerce depends on them, they’re just as beneficial for other organizations both online and off. Ultimately, their purpose is connected to the consumers you want to reach. The catalogs can manifest as magazines or digital PDFs.  

Great Reasons Why You Need One 

The most important reason to use product catalogs is to organize your items into tidy categories. This streamlines reading and perusing through whatever is on mega-sale easier to do. Plus, quick summary information can facilitate the thought process from research to ordering. 

Likewise, it improves the user/customer experience. Interactive catalogs delivered online and not just by snail mail pay dividends as well. Your potential buyers can spool through case studies, previous testimonials, and Yelp reviews. 

Your business team also gets a glimpse at what’s working and what is not. Moreover, your marketing managers can proceed with new product offerings such as newly-updated anti-malware packages or the next highly-anticipated video game console. Indeed, your sales representatives gave a much easier time convincing new prospects to sign a contract with your company. When conversion rates go up, everybody wins.  

Examples of What Goes Inside  

Now then, we can move on and discuss some examples of what should be enclosed in a professional-looking coupon brochure or product catalog: pictures, brief descriptions, features, dimensions, materials, care instructions, safety precautions, product certifications, prices and discounts, and a call to action (CTA). The CTA is among one of the most important elements of any professional printing product. It’s also a crucial component of personal printing, such as if you’re looking to take your small business (even if it’s crafting journals and stickers) to the next level! 

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