Wedding Season 2021: Announcing Postponements Caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Deciding to postpone your wedding is a hard choice, but it is completely okay to do.

The reality of life is that even the most ambitious events sometimes face postponement. Weddings are no exception, and in the age of COVID, wedding postponements are actually increasingly common. While the ongoing pandemic may not be the reason for your postponement (weddings are also often postponed for weather, family, and personal reasons), it is important to make sure your guests know about the changes as soon as possible.

How, When, And Why To Postpone

Deciding to postpone your wedding is a hard choice, but it is completely okay to do. Especially in these times, people understand that you wouldn’t change on a whim. You have to do the right thing for you and your partner. That being said, the more notice you can give, the better. 

If you’re postponing a wedding scheduled to happen in a few weeks, don’t leave it to the mail to spread the message. Use email, group texts, or other digital communication to alert people that your wedding is being postponed. 

Once you start alerting people, you should also update your wedding website with the appropriate information as soon as possible. Suppose your original wedding date is more than two months away. In that case, you can use traditional mail to send the postponement announcement – however, if you have out-of-town guests who will need to change their flights should be called to give them more notice.

Wording The Postponement

Deciding how to word the announcement is almost as stressful as deciding to postpone. Your announcement needs to include the fact that you are postponing, the new date if you have decided on it, and the location where people can go for more information (like your wedding website). You don’t have to include the reason for the postponement if you don’t want to. Many postponements start with “We are saddened to announce that we have to postpone our wedding…” or something similar. If you have the new date, you can include it, but if not, simply ask them to be on the lookout for additional information.

Resending Invitations

Depending on when you are rescheduling, you have some flexibility in resending invitations. Save-the-dates are typically sent about a year before the wedding, so you can choose to send change-the-date announcements if you have a year or more till your new date. If you are not postponing by that much, you should resend invitations. If you haven’t sent your original invitations, you should reprint them, and some couples choose to include an envelope insert explaining the change as well.

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