Get Ready for 2022 with Some Custom Calendars!

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Get a head start on your next run of custom calendars!

With the end of 2021 on the horizon, it’s time to look forward to the future. At this point, we’ve got a little bit over a full month left before 2022 dawns. What does that mean for you, and perhaps, your small business? Get a head start on your next run of custom calendars! Did you know that you can pair them with postcards and greeting cards? That’s very much true. Even so, such a strategy could be too complex for a newcomer to the world of professional printing. 

Decide Who Your Intended Audience Is

As with many other professionally printed products, you need to know your target audience. Who are they, and what might hook them the best? Why do they even need a calendar? Because in this modern age of social media and smartphone apps, it’s much easier than ever to stay on top of upcoming events and appointments. Offering calendars to your entire customer base is a fantastic way to raise funds quickly. You could also only offer them to loyal  “insider” members who continually stay engaged with your brand. Schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations can all benefit from using custom calendars. 

Ponder the Inclusion of Ads and Sponsors 

Next up, you’ll have to decide if advertisements, sponsorships, and other forms of paid content are suitable for your custom calendars. This decision has more bearing on the design of your calendar than is readily apparent. Why is that? You must leave some space for acknowledgments and “thank-yous” crediting the sponsors who have contributed. In return for chipping in, they’d like some extra exposure, as well. Ensuring your grids contain the correct information is even more important when you intend to kickstart a calendar fundraising campaign. 

Select the Most Appropriate Photos 

Likewise, it’s in your best interest to select the most appropriate photos for your custom calendars. What theme are they supposed to follow, if any? Adorn the top of each page with relevant pictures and collages. You can also showcase locations and items associated with your organization. Animals, trips, and good memories are also viable possibilities. No matter which subject matter you choose, always remember that good resolution is essential. The minimum threshold you should aim for is 300dpi; anything lower than that results in blurry and ugly pixelation.  

Play Around with Possible Designs

Since we’re already on the topic of possibilities, let’s talk about potential designs. One large, full-size image can be paired with a calendar grid underneath with squares for each day of the month. Software programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator can help you narrow down your choices and simplify the entire process!

Let Time Printers Assist You with Your Covid-Safe Printing Needs for the Rest of 2021!

Whether you already know how your latest print products should look or you want further advice, Time Printers is here to help! We service all of Baltimore, Hunt Valley, and Towson. Our team of professionals can answer all of your burning questions. Give us a call at 410-566-3005, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn for tips and see what we have been working on and what we can do for you. We hope to hear from you soon!



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