How to Make the Most of Low-Cost Booklet Printing

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Booklet printing can pay off, especially if you take the low-cost approach!

Starting your own business is an exciting and frightening time. After all, you’re putting much faith in yourself to put your resources to good use. Boons like seed money and angel investors can only take you so far, however. At some point, you’ll come across more effective ways to cut costs and save time. You’ll also figure out how to reach your customer base in more unexpected and delightful ways. Booklet printing can pay off, especially if you take the low-cost approach! 

Give Your Target Audience Enough Information

Every business has to start somewhere. One of the building blocks of customer service is telling your audience about your company. Providing sufficient information about the product or service you offer them isn’t as easy as it sounds. The goal of any good booklet design is to be as clear and concise as possible without unintentionally creating confusing walls of text. Adding small tabs can break up the pages of your booklet into more digestible chunks. 

Stand Out from the Crowd 

Don’t hesitate to rise above the rest. No matter which industry you belong to, you’re bound to have plenty of rivals, all vying for customer attention. That’s why it’s crucial that you do something to set yourself apart; affordable booklet printing methods can turn the tide. 

Devise a Direct Mail Campaign

Social media and other forms of digital communication dominate the end-user conversation these days. Converting leads can be a tricky task, especially while you’re still building your brand. A solid direct mail strategy connects you with your customers almost literally on their doorstep (or in their mailbox!) You can also your printer partner to distribute the booklets once they’re finished. By doing so, you can bypass the tedious steps of stuffing, sealing, and sending hundreds of envelopes.

Use Brighter Colors and Better Stock

Another strong suggestion is to rethink the colors you use. Simultaneously, consider the paper stock you want to use for your new booklets. By using a wide spectrum of colors instead of a small handful, you’ll be able to attract the eye more easily. Plus, a good and sturdy stock will feel more tangible. Even in the era of electronic documents and ebooks, there’s something magical about touching a piece of paper. Choose between uncoated or gloss pages – your decision hinges on the message you’re sending! Don’t forget to call your customers to take action!

Let Time Printers Assist You with Your Upcoming Printing Needs for 2021!

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