Your Guide to Five of the Most Common Types of Envelopes

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Whether you run your own business from home or you’ve got pen-pals, having the right envelopes on hand says a lot about you.

Whether you run your own business from home or you’ve got pen-pals, having the right envelopes on hand says a lot about you. Despite what you may think, there are many different envelope varieties. In fact, you’ve probably encountered them every day without realizing it – just go open your mailbox! Let’s examine five of the most common types of envelopes. Rest assured, though, that there are many more!

Envelopes Used For Airmail Purposes

Sending and receiving information across national borders is much faster these days. That’s because the Internet and the clusters of orbital satellites have transformed the way people communicate with each other. Even so, the traditional airmail methods haven’t faded away into oblivion. Airmail envelopes travel faster than envelopes delivered on the ground. However, one catch is that every envelope has to look the same – even if you’re sending mail to another country in North America and not Australia!

Protecting Discs in Transit 

Although streaming services have displaced conventional discs, DVDs and Blu-rays are still alive and kicking. So if you are interested in trading these products, along with physical music albums in either jewel cases or vinyl record sleeves, then you’ll need to stock up on some durable disc envelopes. They come in two types: plastic or paper. A circular hole dominates the front of the envelope, giving the recipient a quick view of what’s inside. An adhesive strip also makes closed the flap of the envelope easier and less frustrating.

Those Unusual Window Formats 

Window-formatted envelopes are meant for more serious applications and, generally speaking, unpleasant business. For instance, if you’ve gotten a speeding ticket, you’ll know it. Transparent plastic lets you see the address information enclosed within – so you know it’s addressed to you. It is possible to print out window envelopes with two windows for checks and invoices, both of which are invaluable when running your own business or working as an independent contractor. 

These Unexpected Square Models 

Yes, square envelopes exist. Invitations are typically folded into these envelopes; social occasions (like weddings) and birthday parties are the most common reasons for seeing or using these envelope models.

Ones Big Enough to Hold Booklets

Something you may not have known about before is this particularly oversized envelope type. Since these materials are meant to hold booklets, they have to, by design, be bigger, thicker, and heavier than their counterparts. You can also use these printed materials to enclose photographs, brochures, flyers, and financial statements.  

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