How Your Small Business Can Use Custom Floor Graphics

How Your Small Business Can Use Custom Floor Graphics

Let’s find out how you too can make use of beautiful floor graphics!

You might think that you only place your company’s logo as a graphic on your website. However, it’s just as important to hang them on your window or prepare one for a gigantic directory board that is erected outside your building, especially if you share the same office space with several other smaller firms. Floor graphics, in particular, can be an amazing and surprising way to help your brand stand out. Let’s find out how you too can make use of beautiful floor graphics! 

Highlight Your Special Seasonal Sales 

The rise of online shopping has changed the way the retail industry works. It’s a paradigm shift that can affect the service sector as well, from grocery stores to web design boutiques that tend to be customer-facing to some degree. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to strict measures to contain the virus, such as staying home and steering clear of crowds. With the busy holiday shopping season about to hit, it’s time to highlight your special seasonal sales. Custom floor graphics can inform your in-person customers of what to consider looking for in order to help make their visit go by quicker. 

Caution Visitors Against Hazards

Because your customers and guests are likely to be focused on what’s around them, they might not notice what’s on the floor right away. This reality can be a problem if there is a slipping risk left by spilled drinks, wet weather, or other potential hazards. Plus, heavy industrial buildings need to operate under different conditions these days – and the employees who work there should be guided by unique graphics on the ground, even if they are only projected. Forklift traffic warnings, hard hat areas, and even a warning to pay attention can all be communicated through visible floor graphics. 

Direct Suggested Foot Traffic 

In an effort to keep everyone spread out, stores of all kinds have been advised to direct suggested foot traffic patterns. What this means is that shoppers should only go down aisles from a specified direction and try to avoid squeezing past anyone who might try to be clever and go the opposite way. We’re all in this together; caring about other people is as easy as keeping your distance and wearing masks or other facial coverings. Vinyl floor decals can be used both inside and outside your business, especially on the sidewalks attached to your location. 

Indicate Where Shoppers Can Take Pictures

One of the reasons social media has become so popular is that it yields many opportunities for photo ops. Everyone wants to snap a selfie these days – so use floor graphics to indicate points of interest for your shoppers!

Let Time Printers Help With Your Design

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