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A professionally created logo graphic keeps your consumer audience familiar with your business.

Here at Time Printers Inc, we’re your trusted experts in graphic design and print marketing! If you own a business, having a visual representation or symbol associated with your company identity and the services you provide is crucial. We live in an image-based culture! What this means is, the way in which our country advertises products and services is visually enticing. We present images associated with our inherent cultural values in order to attach commercial goods to certain lifestyles. For example, an advertisement for a new flavored liquor might show flashes of the club scene, people dancing, loud music etc. If you’re thinking about creating a logo graphic, you’ve come to the right place. In this week’s blog, we’ll show you the importance of identity branding and give you some creative tips for your new logo design. Let’s begin.

What Is Identity Branding?

Your brand is your perceived emotional, corporate image as a whole. Build a good reputation for yourself through good customer service, expertise, and fair pricing and your clientele will begin to attach positivity to your company name. Your identity is a combination of visual aspects that form part of your overall brand, and your logo identifies your business in its simplest form using a mark or icon. Use your consumer audience’s perception of your brand to form an integritous logo. Only your audience can make your brand/logo, a designer cannot. Interview your regular customers to gain feedback! Ask them what sorts of images they associate with your business, and the first step toward your new graphic logo is complete. You must use identity branding to create a logo design that works.

Using Identity Design

Identity design is based on the aesthetic devices you’re already using assembled within a set of guidelines. Using applied color palettes, fonts, layouts, and specific measurements, you’ll need to artistically keep your new logo coherent and consistent. The more frequently your consumer audience sees the same logo, the easier it will be for them to become familiar with it. Your logo does not sell your company directly, however, it communicates the quality of the products it symbolizes. They’re used most effectively to identify, not to explain. What your logo means is much more important than what it looks like, and in order to attach meaning to your graphic design symbol you need to build your brand identity first. Identify your business in its simplest form and people will grow increasingly familiar with your name! Visual aids are powerful and often the driving force behind world-renowned familiarity. Can you think of any concrete examples? We sure can. Ever heard of the golden arches? You immediately think of chicken nuggets, or a quarter pounder with cheese don’t you? Now you understand the importance of having a company logo. Get in touch with us today.

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