Protecting Printed Materials From The Elements


Protect your outdoor signs with from weathering!

From the tumultuous downpours we’ve been having in Baltimore lately, to the bright, beaming sunlight, there are many ways in which rough outdoor elements can destroy your outdoor graphics, deeming them useless. Specific steps must be taken in order to preserve your advertisement’s longevity. With UV and Aqueous coated products, you printed outdoor graphics will last for many years! Save money and keep your investments lasting with coated printed materials!

The Benefits of Aqueous Coating

Aqueous coating is a clear, fast-drying, water-based coating used to protect printed pieces. With high gloss or matte surface finishes, choose a style that compliments your establishment’s exterior. Deterring dirt, fingerprints, moisture, and damage from high winds, sleet or snow the coating is absolutely necessary for printed paper graphics you plan on hanging up outside. Improving the durability of your products, the material provides substantial scuff-resistance applied to the entire printed piece. An environmentally friendly option, aqueous coatings are greener than UV or varnish products. Choose this finish if you want a convenient, low-priced printed product finish that helps the planet!

The Benefits of UV Coating

Cured by exposure to ultraviolet light to quickly dry and harden the surrounding material, UV coating provides the highest gloss compared to other coatings. Due to its thickness upon coating, however, it may crack when folded. If you’re going to be gentle with your brand new, UV coated outdoor advertisement, the material lasts a lifetime. With added protection from the sun’s rays, your printed materials will not fade. Additionally, UV compatible inks must be used on your printed materials for further protection. If you want a flashy, shining advertisement adorning a commercial outdoor sitting area, then UV coating is right for you!

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