Tips for Making Your Business Cards Stand Out

Business Cards

Business cards are great, but how do you make yours stand out from the pack?

If you are looking to increase brand awareness and draw in more business, business cards are a classic and great way to do that. Even the biggest companies can benefit from some unique business cards as it gives the first glimpse of the company and leaves potential customers curious. Today we are going to talk about some methods to making your business card stand out!

Graphics Are In

Pictures are where a lot of your potential will lie in engaging a potential customer. Creative images on the back of your card or your company logo can draw people in especially if you utilize color psychology. When picking the pictures, choose something that represents your brand and your company, this can be simple but make sure it is eye-catching!

Make it Easy to Read

A business card is meant to give someone a cursory glance of information, it isn’t a resume. The most important part of your business card is your information: name, job title, and company. If you include other information, even in a small font, your card may seem too cluttered, ruining its visual appeal. Avoid making anything under 8 pt.

Be Truthful

While it may be tempting to add colors or bright font to your business card it is important to represent your business accurately, even if that means it may not be as eye-catching. No one will want to go to a lawyer with a bright pink business card, right? Your business card represents you and your company-stay true to that and what makes sense for your business.

Try a Unique Shape

Business cards are all typically the same, try standing out from the crowd with an alternative shape that defines your business. It is possible that a fun shape can draw people’s eyes and make it immediately noticeable what your brand is.

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