What Can Brochures Do For You?


Brochures are a classic marketing method and they still work as good as ever.

Traditional marketing methods seem to never really fade out. Take the humble brochure for example. While it’s certainly true that many businesses have flocked to the internet as a means of marketing, it’s not the only place to get your footing. Small businesses in particular benefit from the way that brochures uniquely advertise to local audiences. These are just some of the ways brochures can be hugely beneficial to your business if used properly.

Low Costs

Brochures have always carried a low cost for production. One brochure may only cost between $1 to $3 to make, which of course hinges on what design, colors, and finish quality you opt for. It also translates well to bulk orders as, the more brochures you order, the lower the individual cost of each one is. If you plan on going to trade shows or being at an event where you need brochures, it’s best to mass-produce them for a cheap cost to get your ideas and products out there.

Brochures Are Versatile

Brochures offer you a huge variety of uses to let your customers know about your services or products. For example, a retail business may stock the front of their store with brochures describing their services and products so customers can get all the info they need right away. A bank on the other hand may stock brochures so that their customers realize what services they actually offer. Sometimes, brochures are used by marketers at different trade shows to hand out to potential customers or even other business people.


You’re able to jam a whole lot of info into the small but powerful brochure. Basic trifold designs allow for colorful front pages and five separate sections for whatever product or service details you want to share with potential customers. You can even use a brochure’s layout to tell an entire story. Plus, some business owners like to include special deals or discounts within a brochure.

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