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4 Ways To Get Creative With Fourth of July Marketing Campaigns

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017
Marketing Campaigns

Fourth of July is the perfect time for ramping up your marketing campaigns.

Summer has arrived, bringing with it sunshine, barbecues, and a great opportunity for Fourth of July marketing campaigns. Over the years, the Fourth of July has become more than just the celebration of the United States’ independence from Great Britain in 1776; it has grown into a very marketable holiday, along the same lines as Mother’s Day or Christmas. Whether you are a small corner store or a large corporation, effective marketing efforts for the Fourth can be a blast for the community and boost your company’s image and revenue stream.   (more…)

Promote Your Mixtape with Time Printers

Friday, September 9th, 2016

Promote your music with Time Printers!

Your music is your life. As an artist, you’ve spent your days writing and recording songs, mastering them until perfection. You’ve played them in dingy bars and poorly lit coffee shops. You’ve held your instrument tightly in your lap in between performances and you’ve fallen asleep with your headphones on more than once. (more…)

Planning an Outdoor Wedding This Summer? Make Sure Your Wedding Invitations Are Printed and Ready to Send!

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016



Making and sending out those wedding invitations now will reduce stress when your wedding day starts inching closer!

What an exciting time in your life! Embark on a new life journey in a white dress with a bouquet of flowers in your hands! Planning well is crucial if you want your special day to go according to plan. An outdoor wedding is a lot of work. What with deciding on a space that fits your fantasy, setting up the necessary rain prevention, hiring an electrician to deal with lighting and so much more, it’s best to get those invitations printed ASAP .Follow our tips on creating the best wedding invitations and you’ll be one step closer to your big day!


Fun Summer Church Trip Plans? Spread the Word With Special Event Books!

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Spread the word about your church’s summer youth group trip with printed event books!

With the birds chirping, soft breezes flowing through the air, and fragrant spring flowers popping up it’s the perfect time to start planning that church group trip to an amusement park you’ve always wanted to do. Planning a community event can be tough work. Organization, spreading the word, and determining chaperones will have you quite exhausted. Luckily, special event books are extremely useful when trying to spread the word quickly to a multitude of people. So how can using event books to promote you trip benefit your church?


Important Printed Marketing Essentials for Startups

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Starting a new business in 2016? One of the many things to be considered for your new business is what printed materials it will need. This can range from business cards, to letterheads, to flyers—many startups need a lot more printed marketing essentials than they realize.Professionally Printed Brochures

Make sure you don’t miss these important printed marketing essentials for startups.


Charity Golf Tournament Booklets, Signs, and Other Promotional Material

Friday, June 19th, 2015
charity golf tournament signs

Our experienced team of graphic designers can help you create the perfect advertising materials to ensure your charity golf tournament is a hole-in-one.

A charity golf tournament can be a fun and exciting way to raise money for a good cause. But, as with any event, running a golf tournament takes a great deal of planning and advertising. Not only do you have to coordinate with the golf course and find players, but you also have to attract sponsors and donors. It can be a tremendous undertaking, but one that is very rewarding in the end. (more…)

Convention Lanyards and Passes from Time Printers

Monday, May 18th, 2015
Convention Lanyards

Without some easy form of identification, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone and ensure only authorized attendees and personnel are allowed in certain areas, like back stage. Convention lanyards and passes can help do just that and so much more.

There were roughly 11,685 conferences and conventions in 2013 alone, according to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), which is the most global association within the meetings industry and one of the most prominent organizations in the world of international events. Each event takes tremendous planning. You need to find a location, you need to advertise, and you need to design printed materials. Even in today’s technologically driven world, printed materials still make a difference, especially when it comes to running a successful conference. And there is A LOT of printing to consider, from save the dates and formal invitations to tickets, programs, signs, name tags, and, of course, lanyards and passes. (more…)

Funeral Printing Services in Baltimore

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Funeral Printing BaltimoreLosing a loved one is never easy. Planning a funeral can be even harder. Somehow you have to put aside your grief and plan a beautiful ceremony to honor and celebrate the life of your loved one. It’s not easy, but it is necessary. And there are so many things to consider, from meeting with funeral directors throughout Baltimore to funeral printing and, of course, covering the costs.

Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service

While a somber occasion, a funeral is an opportunity for family and friends to come together to remember and celebrate the deceased, while offering support and comfort to one another. Planning a funeral is a complicated process. Taking the following steps can help you through this trying time.

Honor the Wishes of the Deceased

Some people are very good at planning ahead, especially when they know the end is near. Some people will actually write down their wishes, while others will simply tell friends and family. Either way, it is important to try and honor these wishes as best you can.

Choose a Funeral Home

Contact several funeral directors throughout the Baltimore area to compare options and, perhaps most importantly, to compare prices.  But know what you want before you call.

“If you just call a funeral home asking for the price of a funeral, you could be quoted a top-of-the-line service and get taken to the cleaners,” says Joshua Slocum, executive director of Funeral Consumers Alliance. “Just because funerals are emotional transactions doesn’t mean consumers should forget they’re also business transactions, but they do.”

Before you call different funeral homes to compare prices, it is important to know what you want. Will the deceased be buried or cremated? Will there be any special ceremonies? Some Fraternal Orders and the Military may provide special ceremonies for the funeral service. Will this be a large memorial service, or a more intimate affair with family and a few close friends?

You don’t need to iron out all the details, but you should have a general idea of what you want. Then, once you choose a funeral home, the funeral director will help you finalize your plans.

Who will deliver the eulogy? More importantly, who will oversee the entire ceremony? Will there be a guest book? What about pictures? And then there are printed materials to consider…

Funeral Printing

Funerals and memorial services are all about remembering the deceased. The best way to do this is to tailor the funeral to the deceased. This includes the printed materials: programs, prayer cards, memorial posters, bookmarks, acknowledgement cards, and more.

Funeral Printing Services in Baltimore

Time Printers is a full service printing products and services business located in Baltimore, Maryland. We are also a family owned and operated business. We understand that losing a loved one and planning a funeral is very emotionally draining experience. Let one of our sales professionals walk you through the entire process and help you put together a package that will honor and celebrate the life of your loved one.

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Our funeral printing services include:

  1. Programs: We offer a wide variety of samples or we can help you custom design your own.
  2. Prayer Cards: We offer only the highest quality printing options including a variety of paper stocks, sizing options, and templates or custom designs.
  3. Bookmarks: We can coordinate with your programs or prayer cards to create a consistent theme that helps set the mood and celebrate the life lived.
  4. Acknowledgement Cards: We deliver affordable, elegant cards that will make it easy to express your gratitude.
  5. Memorial Posters: We offer a wide range of printing options including standard and wide-format, a variety of high quality paper stocks, and specialty finishing options.
  6. And More.

Planning a personalized funeral service will help you begin the healing process.

To learn more about Funeral Printing Services in Baltimore, please give us a call at 410.566.3005 or click here.  You can also connect with Time Printers on Facebook, TwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest as well.

Graduation: Let Us Print the Word Out

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

GraduationMay has finally arrived, and June is just around the corner. Is your graduation just around the corner too? Graduation, the day every grade school and college student waits for impatiently. This is the day that you want to shout from the roof tops and throw your cap and papers up in the air to signal it’s finally over!

As you approach your special day of celebration, most likely there will be a party of some sort to follow. This is the time when you can celebrate and enjoy your success with the important and supportive people that have surrounded you during your journey. With a ceremony and party comes the hassle of actually letting people know when and where these are taking place. That’s where Time Printers Inc. comes in.

At Time Printers, we understand that among the party planning and excitement, invitations and banners are most likely not on the top of your list, and the task of choosing them can be pretty daunting. Our qualified designers and printers are here to assist you in the following party planning areas:

  1. Invitations- Choose one of our custom templates or create your own, our designers will work with you to pick the perfect design to go along with your celebration.
  2. Vinyl Banners- Durable, high quality material printed using state of the art equipment and your choice of finish.
  3. Posters- Inexpensive and with a range of printing options, use these to highlight your accomplishments or during your celebration.
  4. Signs- Customizable and in all shapes and sizes, let us help you design a sign to guide your guests to your celebration.

Our designers and printers are here to make these decisions easy and fun for your special day. We know that the last thing you want to stress about when planning a party is what kind of invitation to send, so let us do the heavy lifting for you. With state of the art equipment and plenty of options to choose from, Time Printers is the only stop for your printing needs. Don’t like our options? Partner with our designers to create the perfect theme for your perfect day.

Located at 227 North Warwick Ave., Baltimore, MD 21223, it’s easy for you to stop in and see us during our weekday business hours of 9a.m. to 5p.m. Saturday appointments are also available. You can also give us a call at 410-566-9105 to begin the printing process.

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Sign Printing From Time Printers, Your Baltimore Printing Service

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

A business’s sign, poster or banner is one of the most important cosmetic details a business can have. Why? Because your customers will judge your business on the quality of the signage that you have up in your establishment. You want to make sure that only the highest quality of materials are being used in printing or making your poster, banner or sign. A bad or poor sign can cause customers to think less of your business and may actually cause you to lose out on potential customers.

We can print a poster which is a great tool for promoting a special event or sale. They are an inexpensive way to draw immediate attention to your current promotion. We offer a wide range of printing options including standard and wide-format, a variety of high quality paper stocks, and specialty finishing options. Here are some few poster design tips that will give you a more effective result:

  • Keep your message short & simple – An effective poster doesn’t have an extreme excess of information. Only the necessary details and main message are required. A web site url where they can learn more can substitute for any wall of text you  feel needs to be on your poster.
  • Use tasteful fonts – Don’t use a complicated font or too many fonts on one poster. Both clutter up design and will make your poster hard to decipher. Using a font that makes sense with what event or organization you’re trying to promote. Using too many crazy fonts could cause your poster to be ignored. Simplicity in font usage is never a bad thing. Choose a simple color scheme that compliments the rest of the design.
  • Choose a simple color scheme – A simple color scheme that compliments the rest of the design is usually what’s best. Complimentary colors and not too many conflicting graphics will also help getting your message across.
  • Make everything symmetric – Unless an asymmetric design is the point of the poster, make everything symmetrical and have your information and images lined-up and spaced properly. A well organised poster is a well read one!

At Time Printers, we can help you design your posters, banners and signs. If you already know exactly what you need, great. Our expert sales team will deliver affordable, state-of-the-art signage that will make you and your customers smile. If you aren’t quite sure about your needs, let our team walk you through the process to ensure that we’re not only meeting your needs, but exceeding your expectations without adding too much to your bottom line.

Time Printers is a Baltimore, MD family full service printing products and services business. We have extensive knowledge of the printing industry and deep seeded community roots. With our quality printing products, quick turn around and outstanding customer service, your business advertising cannot go wrong. Time Printers is constantly challenging ourselves to stay on the cutting edge of the industry’s standards without giving up their personal touch. We offer the newest technology while at the same time adhering to our extensive history and timeless traditions.

Call Time Printers today for Poster, Banner or Sign Printing at 410.566.3005 or click here.

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Source: 7 Tips to Design a Good Effective Poster, DzineBlog