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How Signs and Pennant Banners Can Influence Your Customers

Friday, July 26th, 2019
How Signs and Pennant Banners can Influence Your Customers

Signs and pennant banners are a great way to spread the word about your business and make a good first impression at conventions and other networking events.

Signs and pennant banners are a great way to spread the word about your business and make an excellent first impression at conventions and other networking events. Whether you’re advertising a blowout sale or setting up a booth at your local farmer’s market, the right signage is everything for drawing in your repeat customers and reaching new ones! Banners and signs can have a sizeable impact on your marketing and revenue, so it’s a good idea to consider how signs impact your business. Here are a few critical ways that signs and pennant banners can influence your customers. (more…)

What Retractable Banners Can Be Used For

Friday, July 19th, 2019
What Retractable Banners Can Be Used For

Retractable banners are an important marketing tool.

Retractable banners are an important marketing tool. These signs are often referred to as “pop-up banners” or “pull-up banners” because they do just that – they retract into a case for easy travel, but can be pulled or popped out and stood up as an eye-catching sign.  If you’ve never considered this type of signage for your marketing needs, you should. Retractable banners are easy to transport, easy to use, and highly visible. Read on for some of the ways you could use retractable banners for your business. (more…)

How to Keep Your Printed Materials Safe from Water

Friday, July 7th, 2017
Printed Materials

Protecting your printed materials from rain can be the difference between a successful marketing campaign and a train wreck of one.

When you have spent your money on printed materials for your business it can be really disheartening if they get damaged. If your materials are outside they are even more susceptible to weather and high winds, but even indoors your materials can be exposed. If you want your materials to last longer and to protect your investment, follow these tips.


Promote Your Business with Custom Banners and Signs!

Friday, January 20th, 2017
Clothing store owner businesswoman

How is your business standing out from the rest?

Looking for a fresh start for your business? Whether you’re planning an event or just want to put your name out there in new ways, a durable and attractive banner may be just the thing you need. Now more than ever, custom signs attract customers to business. People are more prone to spend their time and money at a shop that has an attractive, welcoming storefront. Banners and posters might be just the thing for your business, but what kind of material is best for you? (more…)

Get Great Results for Graduation Printing

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Spring doesn’t just bring sunshine and warmth — it’s time to start thinking about graduation! Whether you’re planning a party, sending announcements to friends and family or you’re in charge of your school’s ceremony, Time Printers has the experience and expertise you need for top-notch invitations, announcements, posters and banners.

Graduation Announcements and Invitations

Photo: School graduation ceremony

Make your graduation an event to remember with flyers, banners and posters from Time Printers.

Graduation is a big time in any student’s life, and you’ll want to get the word out to your friends and family. There’s a lot of information to put into an announcement: time and place of the graduation ceremony, information about your private graduation party and information about the student’s post-grad goals are among the things you’ll want to consider. Time Printers can help you get your message across with a tasteful design that will look great on grandma’s refrigerator or dad’s office desk. (more…)

Graduation: Let Us Print the Word Out

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

GraduationMay has finally arrived, and June is just around the corner. Is your graduation just around the corner too? Graduation, the day every grade school and college student waits for impatiently. This is the day that you want to shout from the roof tops and throw your cap and papers up in the air to signal it’s finally over!

As you approach your special day of celebration, most likely there will be a party of some sort to follow. This is the time when you can celebrate and enjoy your success with the important and supportive people that have surrounded you during your journey. With a ceremony and party comes the hassle of actually letting people know when and where these are taking place. That’s where Time Printers Inc. comes in.

At Time Printers, we understand that among the party planning and excitement, invitations and banners are most likely not on the top of your list, and the task of choosing them can be pretty daunting. Our qualified designers and printers are here to assist you in the following party planning areas:

  1. Invitations- Choose one of our custom templates or create your own, our designers will work with you to pick the perfect design to go along with your celebration.
  2. Vinyl Banners- Durable, high quality material printed using state of the art equipment and your choice of finish.
  3. Posters- Inexpensive and with a range of printing options, use these to highlight your accomplishments or during your celebration.
  4. Signs- Customizable and in all shapes and sizes, let us help you design a sign to guide your guests to your celebration.

Our designers and printers are here to make these decisions easy and fun for your special day. We know that the last thing you want to stress about when planning a party is what kind of invitation to send, so let us do the heavy lifting for you. With state of the art equipment and plenty of options to choose from, Time Printers is the only stop for your printing needs. Don’t like our options? Partner with our designers to create the perfect theme for your perfect day.

Located at 227 North Warwick Ave., Baltimore, MD 21223, it’s easy for you to stop in and see us during our weekday business hours of 9a.m. to 5p.m. Saturday appointments are also available. You can also give us a call at 410-566-9105 to begin the printing process.

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